What Was the Interest Rate Then?

What Was the Interest Rate?
U.K. U.S.  
Short-Term: Ordinary Funds, Contemporary Series
Short-Term: Ordinary Funds, Consistent Series
Short-Term: Surplus Funds, Contemporary Series
Short-Term: Surplus Funds, Consistent Series
Long-Term: Contemporary Series
Long-Term: Consistent Series
Initial Year:
Ending Year:

"What Was the Interest Rate Then?" presents twelve interest rate series for the United Kingdom and the United States. The rates presented here are not those associated with common experiences such as obtaining a mortgage or receiving interest on a bank account, but rather they are the rates that set the tone for determining these ordinary rates.

There are two short-term and one long-term series presented for each country and they are reported from both a contemporary and consistent standpoint. The series are:

  • United Kingdom
              Short-Term Interest Rates
              Ordinary Funds (1790-present)
              Surplus Funds (1855-present)
              Long-Term Interest Rate (1729-present)
  • United States
              Short-Term Interest Rates
              Ordinary Funds (1831-present)
              Surplus Funds (1857-present)
              Long-Term Interest Rate (1798-present)

Source Document For an explination of the sources of the data see "Interest Rate Sources"

Prior to using the data presented in any of these series, we strongly recommend that you read the "Guide to What Was the Interest Rate Then?" This guide, only three pages in length, is oriented to the general reader but is also a useful summary of the interest-rate material for the scholar. The serious scholar or specialist should also read "What Was the Interest Rate Then? A Data Study." (382K PDF) This 109-page monograph describes fully the generation and characteristics of the series in What Was the Interest Rate Then?, enables the scholar to interpret the series, and provides information permitting the scholar to alter the series as required for his or her own purposes.

Please read our Note on Data Revisions.


Lawrence H. Officer, "What Was the Interest Rate Then?" MeasuringWorth,
URL: http://www.measuringworth.com/interestrates/

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